35 Butterfinger Desserts

I have a craving problem.

At least it feels like a problem. Because I am definitely not preggo but oh my word do I get the worst cravings.

I’ve always been like that though, even as a kid. I would get something stuck in my head and the world just wasn’t right until I got a hearty dose of whatever it was I had to have.

Sometimes it’s bacon, sometimes Mini Charleston Chews with movie theater popcorn, sometimes it’s blueberries or cinnamon.

Today it’s butterfinger.

And I’ve got a whole slew of butterfinger dessert ideas bouncing around in my head. So tomorrow I’m thinking it’s time to bust em out.

I have some serious competition though. I mean, butterfinger donut holes…. Hello, genius.  Really. Check em out (#32). Along with all of these other insanely lip-smacking butterfinger desserts!

Ah! I want every single one of them. Will you please make them all and invite me?If you liked this, you’ll LOVE these other fantastic roundups! Check em out!

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    • says

      Butterfingers just don’t get enough attention I feel. They’re just so original and downright tasty! Enjoy the roundup and be sure to invite me over when you put your butterfingers to good use!! :)