Creamy Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand.

Two things actually.

One, strawberry cheesecake themed desserts. I think every third recipe I’ve made lately has been strawberry cheesecake something.

Just recently I made strawberry cheesecake bars and the BEST EVER  strawberry cheesecake ice cream

And two, my popsicle obsession.

If you didn’t see them already, check out my Oreo Cookies n’ Cream Pudding Pops. So darn good.

I can’t help it! Popsicles are just so ideal for summer!

It seems like all I want lately is a creamy, freezy, chilly, yummy snack or dessert and what’s better than having all of that conveniently packaged on a stick?

I mean seriously.

What’s better?

Exactly. Nothing.

Even though I may be getting a little carried away with the whole popsicle thing and the strawberry cheesecake thing, I have to admit, I really think these popsicles make it all totally worth it.
They are SO good.
And it sort of got me thinking.
Could I put real cheesecake in a popsicle? Cause this is pretty close to the best thing imaginable. But it might just blow my mind if I could put real, thick, creamy cheesy chunks of cheesecake in ice cream and put it on a stick.
You better believe I’m gonna give that a try. And when I do, it will surely be coming your way.
In the meantime, enjoy these heavenly things.
They’re the ultimate summer treat to beat the heat.
Ha! Look at all that rhyming!
I’m so clever.

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  1. says

    New follower! I just clicked on 3 links of recipes that caught my eye and they all led me here! These look so summery and delicious!

    • says

      They’re heaven sent with all of this heat. I’ve decided that popsicles are perfect for cooling because they’re like ice cream, but more portable and single-portioned. Major bonus! Thanks so much Laura!!