White Chocolate Cake Batter Krispies

If I was trying to eating healthy last week, I’ve shelved the idea for a moment. Or for a few moments. See how the past three posts have contained deeply indulgent treats? This has been the bulk of my food intake for the past seven days. I’m almost getting sick of sugar.
Notice, I said almost. Okay that’s a joke, I could never be sick of sugar. Unfornately, says health.
These krispies though, they are beyond worth postponing any healthy eating goals.
I mean I knew they would be good. With white chocolate and cake batter and sprinkles and krispies.
But I didn’t know they would be this good.
Good enough to have my husband, a traditionally brown-chocolate-only guy, to ask for more the next day. And then almost burst into tears when I informed him I’d given the rest away.
Looks like I’ll be making these again very, very soon.
Alright I’m really making them for myself.
Only problem is that I used up the last of my white chocolate this afternoon in a batch of fudge that went south on me. So a thirty ninth trip to the store is in order. Ah, what’s one more.

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  1. Callie says

    I made these for Canadian Thanksgiving and they were SUCH a huge success! My friends couldn’t stop raving about them. Thanks so much for the recipe, people are already asking me to make some more :) Oh, and I added some Himalayan pink salt on the top with the sprinkles and it was DELICIOUS!

    • CremedelaCrumb1 says

      Oh my gosh that’s BRILLIANT! Next time I make these I’ll definitely have to give the pink salt a try, I love putting that stuff on anything and everything!!